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  1. MaQI


  • BBQ
  • Dumplings
  • Mongolian
  • South-asia
  • Sichuan
    The firey flavours of sichuan are the most famous styles of Chinese cooking.
  • Korean

    There is a strong Korean influence in Changchun, and even some authentic North Korean ones. Korean food is a personal favorite.

    A tip for the less adventurous, learning the Chinese characters for dog meat (go rou) is advised.

  • Hot Pot
    Hot Pot is a great social meal, and perfect for the Dongbei winters. There's a variety of styles and flavours to enjoy.
  • Dongbei

    Oily...Fatty...Greasy...Meaty - That's Dongbei food in four words. Most southerners look down on the local food, but expats generally love it. It's cheaper, tastier and larger servings than food down south.

    Some popular dishes include:

    Guo bu rou - A sweet and sour style Pork

    Disan qian - Fried eggplant and potato

    Tudousi - Shredded fried potato

    Riben Doufu - Japanese Tofu

    Gongbao Ji Ding - Chicken and Peanuts

    Rice comes in two sizes "Er Liang" (Regular) and "Si Liang" (Large)

  • Cheap Eats
    There is plenty of fine food at very affordable prices in the city. These are only a few, but tried places. Please let us know where you go for your cheap eats
  • Western Food
  • Chinese Restaurant
  • Japanese Restaurants
  • Cafes & Coffee

    Changchun’s hearty Sub-Siberian winters give plenty of demand for warm and cozy indoor activities, so Changchun is a cafe lovers paradise

    A stroll along Xikang Hutong, Xikang Lu and Guilin Hutong will present you with abundant cafe options. Everyone has a favorite for different occaisions.

    Personal favorites for our editors are the larger, but less intimate Chez Maman and the French Bakery.

    Please, explore Changchun’s cafes and share your experiences with us.

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