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Category: Restaurant Reviews

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Is this is England? – No, it’s Changchun!
Austen Pub

This new establishment opened earlier this summer just by the Lotto nightclub for those denizens of the night who know about such places. A small patio area outside mis-leads as to the size of the bar itself. Walking through the doors one enters a kind of Edwardian library cum dining area cum billiard room.

With plenty of dark wooden paneling and low lighting, the owners have obviously spent a lot of money on the décor. We understand that the total cost of designing and fitting the bar was somewhere in the region of 3RMB million The bar itself is the central feature and is oval in design and has a full range of western beers on offer.

My companion and I went round to the back of the bar where we found some nice comfortable seats and studied both the drinks menu and the food menu. And we studied….and we studied! There is a huge range of beers on offer plus a substantial food menu.

I decided on the lamb chops with proper chips (French fries for the Americans amongst us) and some seasonal vegetables. The lamb was delicious. Four chops in all. The only thing missing was the mint sauce  (a particularly British condiment I think)

My companion had a steak and chips. And together with a fine Australian lager felt as if they had been “teleported into an inner city Sydney pub” , The sea salt was also highly regarded as it was something my companion told me could not be bought here.

The music was played at a low level and the easy listening jazz seemed highly appropriate to the surroundings. The free Wi-Fi and the widescreen tv’s offer a great environment to just settle down and chill out.

Centrally located, and just around the corner from the Lotto nightclub, the Austen Pub is a great place for a special night, or if you yearn for Western food and ambience.

austen_01 austen_02 austen_03 austen_04 austen_05 austen_06 austen_07 austen_08

Photos courtesy of the Austen Pub

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