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Category: Restaurant Reviews

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Winter is coming! Only a few days left of outdoor eating, before we huddle around our hotpots dreaming of summer. For those living in the city, the 'Old Beijing BBQ' is one of the best outdoor options. Located on the corner of Guilin Lu and Mudan Hutong, this place offers great barbeque and leg of lamb, with very pleasant off street outdoor dining 

We were a little suspicious of the owners at first. Sadly, we are conditioned not to trust friendliness in the city, but their goodwill is sincere and generous - even giving bones to our dog on every visit (even after he barks and growls). 


The beer is cold, and they bring in beer from Baishan. It’s not German, but its a refreshing change from Snow beer. The menu is all Chinese with no pictures, but they will help you and give honest recommendations (most likely the dishes we always order). There are two main eating styles. The leg of lamb, and a bbq pan. The leg of lamb looks good, but we go for the pan. We order the beef, bacon, potato, tomato, onion, garlic, mushrooms, and eggplant when they have it. There’s more on the menu, but our Chinese is limited. For some reason the fried rice is also very good here. You are expected to cook the food yourself, but they will come and assist when you burn it.


Depending on the beer and meat you order, dinner for two can cost around ¥60 - ¥80 per person. A fair price for the city. With winter coming, it will be interesting to see how they are able to adapt their seating. But for now, hurry up! There’s only a few weeks to go of outdoor eating before the winter comes. Nice environment, good food and good price.




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