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Category: Restaurant Reviews

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The Hong Kong Club (“Happiness”) is an upmarket Hong Kong restaurant worth visiting.

It had been a lovely summer of outdoor eating in low price restaurants, but we felt a change was in order, and so we readied ourselves for  The Hong Kong Club, or “Happiness” as it says outside.

The main motivation was the pork - a red roasted young piglet that needed to be booked a day (or morning) in advance. Piglets aren’t cheap, farmers sell them for the price of a full grown pig. This youngster cost ¥888, so we knew this was going to be an expensive night.


We booked a room for six. The room is no extra charge. It was a very clean, comfortable room with its own couch, television and sparkling clean toilet. The menu is mainly Cantonese foods (as expected), with a few Chinese and Thai dishes thrown in for good measure. It all looked good, but we’d ordered a pig, so we had to limit ourselves to some salads, Causeway Bay Dumplings, and sweet pork buns. Yeah, they weren’t cheap, but they were fairly priced, and oh so good! More pork buns were ordered shortly afterwards.

Out came the pig, and out came the cameras. It was a sight. Golden red, it was ready to eat, and it didn’t take long to get into it. Chopsticks were useless, it was great to go back to the knives and forks. There’s no cheap beer options, but the local beers were cold and went well with the food.


The bill came out to ¥210 per person. Yes,… expensive, but we got what we paid for. It was a comfortable and relaxing meal eating good food in large proportions, in a good environment, with good service and good company. The pork was expensive, and the options (roasted slices of an older pig) did look just as good for a fraction of the price, but hey. I grew up on Asterix comics, and I always thought the boars they ate looked great. Close enough for me!

If you want to blow a lot of money on a good Chinese meal, The Hong Kong Club is a good choice. It’s located on the corner of Longli Lu and Baihui Jie. You can’t miss it - you’ll see the Audi’s, BMW’s and Mercedes’ parked outside underneath a giant vertical digital screen.


For bookings, call 8935 6789 or 8539 4444. They should have english speaking staff, but better have a Chinese speaker around just in case. 

That fabulous meal just bankrupted my eating allowance, it’s going to be Mala Teng for the next few weeks for me.









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