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Category: Hot Pot

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Hot Pot is a widely popular choice specially when snow starts falling and temperatures drop as low as -28C (few years ago we had a horrible winter when temperatures plummeted to a -38C). 

PLAY hot pot is literally in the heart of Changchun, right around the corner of Guilin Lu and Li Xin Jie. 

Once you hit the main gate, on LiXin Jie you should take the lift and go to the second floor. The first thing you notice is the looking of this place. It resembles a hairdressing parlour; "adorned" with  glass bubble chandeliers,  smoke-dark mirrors, white furniture, steel and marble tables. I am still trying hard how to describe the style of this restaurant but I would say it is a kitschy version of  Louis the XV and the French Rococo saut√©ed with cheesy Chinese pop music. 

The menu is huge, and as usual there is plenty of vegetables, meat and fish, there are few stands around, there you can collect sauces, chillies, tomatoes, garlic and all those trimmings that make hop pots tasty.

A feature we like about this place is everyone is served on individual pots, hence you can choose how bland or hot your pot stock will be without affecting other dinners, also, if you are vegan, ovo-vegetarians, pescetarians or any other colours of vegetarianism you can still choose what you eat. If you do not drink alcohol fizzy drinks and hot water are available, for the rest of us who enjoy a beer alongside the simmering hot pot cold beers is also available.

Now, the pace is very clean, lavatories are quite decent but guess what, yeah! squatting toilets.

In terms of price, a fairly big dinner for four including some alcoholic drinks cost us about 65RMB per person.

Service is good but the staff does not speak English.

See the location in changchun LIVE google map.

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