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This video is a little outdated, but shows how to watch western tv shows


PPTV is a great, simple, and legal iPad app (that may or may not be on an android yet). It allows you to watch most international sports, movies and TV shows legally, ad and spam free.

To download, you need to be in the Chinese iTunes store (not difficult to change). A little bit of Chinese will help you find your team, though it will help if you know what time your team is playing.

Not all games are advertised in advance, so don't dispare if your team's big match isn't posted. Here is a list of some essential characters:

English Premier League: 英
French League: 法
German Bundesliga: 德
Spainish La Liga: 西
Italian Serie A: 意

Arsenal: 阿森纳
Chelsea: 切尔西
Everton: 埃弗顿
Liverpool: 利物浦
Manchester City: 曼城
Manchester United: 曼联
Tottenham: 热刺

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