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There are heaps of websites out there with China news and current affairs. Most are the mainstream news, but the power of the blogger means there's some great China focussed sites out there. Bare in mind, most of these sites have an agenda, but they do offer more than the dreary China Daily, and the duller  CCTV-9.


China Smack
These guys had to tone down there political posts, but it’s still the best unblocked website out there giving a sense of what’s hot on the Chinese internet. They also translate some of the most popular comments which can give the language deprived laowai out there a sense of Chinese popular opinion. Sometimes sad, sometimes gruesome, sometimes funny, sometimes infuriating, sometimes thought provoking. It’s the site you look at when your having your morning cup of tea.


The Shanghaist
Blocked in China, so they can be a bit more political and critical than ChinaSmack. These guys spend there days scouring the Chinese internet looking for outrageous, scandalous and unbelievable stories and images which, the Chinese internet is full of. They don’t delve as much into public opinion as China Smack, but what they lack in depth, they make up for in Quantity.


China Digital Times
My vote for the best news coverage in China. Based at Berkeley, and blocked in China. They translate the major news stories and events happening in Chinese media. They also have a good section on leaks from the Chinese ‘Ministry of Truth’ which reports on what the Propaganda department wishes to omit.


Global Times
Perhaps ‘redneck’ was mistranslated into Chinese, for the Global Times is the Chinese imitation of FOX news. Complete with facepalm logic, sabre rattling nationalism, demonic moderates and slogan shouting patriotism. it lacks the razzle-dazzle of FOX, but none of its shamelessness. It’s important to remember that like FOX, it’s unilaterally mocked for it’s absurdity, and viewed as the fantasies of powerful men, rather than any gauge of public opinion.


Next Media Animation
Not quite a China new site, but they report Chinese news very well (though maybe not with much balance). NWA is the future of “news” coverage is in Taiwan, and naturally blocked in China. Mostly raunchy tabloid fodder from around the world, they present the news in short, comical 3D animations. They don’t cover China as much as they used to, but when they do, the stories are usually savagely funny, though heavily anti-China.   

Honorable Mentions…
Asia Times - Greater China section. Something a bit cerebral.
China Daily Show -  China’s version of ‘The Onion’, but more focussed on taking the piss out of the Global Times.
Ministry of Harmony - Satire similar to the China Daily Times.
Beijing Cream - Like the Shanghaist, but not updated as frequently. Good cartoons.
Want China Times - Taiwan news site that is very anti-China. They don’t specialise in China feel good news, so some of their stories need to be taken with a grain of salt.
China Media Project - "A project of the Journalism and Media Studies at The University of Hong Kong". Interesting, with the main focus on China's media.

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