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Jun Pei Written by Parker 1867
Ya Xi Ya Written by Parker 2363
Wan Da Guang Chang Written by Parker 1876
Wan Da Bai Huo Written by Parker 1852
O YA Providers are Written by Parker 1917
Paris in the spring Written by Parker 2153


  • Clothes
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  • Music and DVDs
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  • Supermarkets
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  • Bakeries

    Ten years ago, the only bread you could buy was stale, sweet, processed and fluorescent white. Now there is a variety of bakeries around Changchun catering for international tastes.

    The most authentic is Chez Maman, but there are plenty of others around town to choose from.


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  • Others
    You can buy anything and everything in Changchun. This category is a real mixed bag.
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  • Department Stores

    The main department stores are Ouya, Charter Centre and Wanda.

    Ouya is the cheapest, Charter Centre is luxury, and Wanda feels like a Western style department store (on a much grander scale)

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  • Computers and Gadgets
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  • Alcohol

    Beer can be bought around the clock on any street for as little as ¥3 a bottle. But for those needing something a little exotic, there are a few good spirit and wine shops.

    Avoid buying wine or spirits in corner stores. At best, your wine will taste sickly sweet, or like watered down grape juice.

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