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  • Matthew

    Matthew woke up one day to find himself another day older, and a long term resident of Changchun married to a Changchun vegetarian animal activist.

    As Changchunlive's Cheif Geek, he is also a founding member of the Changchun Cricket Club, Changchun Gentlemen's Club, and Changchun Sportsman's Club. All operating under the same roof in his lounge room in front of his TV on a Sunday afternoon.

    CCL was a concept created with Ferney and countless Friday night beers as a way to put the web design skills being learnt and taught to practical use. It also was an opportunity to give something back to the Changchun community.

    He is also being taught Portuguese against his will.

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  • Richard Roman

    One of the seven ancient wonders of Changchun. The Richard Roman is a Changchun institution in himself. His knowledge of all things and everyone earned him a title of 'Changchun Oracle', if not for accuracy of information, then for his age.

    He many not be what you're looking for, but he will know someone who does. For Changchun newcomers, he's easy to spot. Look for the one in the corner of a bar juggling beers, cigarettes and books amongst his hands.

  • Sherry Martin
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