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Category: Events

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Once again, Changchun has been the host city of the 2nd NECTA (North East China Training Academy) Photography Exhibition "Through the Lens". 

The chosen venue for it couldn't have been better, Drei Kronen a very well know German Brewery in Changchun was the hosting partner. Photographic works depicting the inner view of 2014 NECTA photography students are on display to fulfill all the culture vulture within.

Participants of the exhibition include:

Alexandra Kleinhenz (Germany)

Anja Schulz (Germany)

Antje Wagner (Germany)

Beate Gruß (Germany)

Birgit Nißl (Germany)

Celia Ponte (Portugal)

Cibele Camara (Brazil)

Heike Kollenbach (Germany)

Martin Murau (USA)

Lenka Kobidova (Germany)

After all the corresponding 2-minute speeches and a massive toast with chilly sparkling wine the exhibition was officially opened. Drei Kronen Guaranteed attendants had their hands busy with home brewed German beer, alcopops or soft drinks.

Photographic works were auctioned, (the money collected will be donated to a charity institution). People got very excited about the auction, the music, the ambience and of course the music by Dj. Marco.

As the evening went on more people arrived, more drinks were delivered, Dj Marco captivated everyone by his powerful beats, we all set ourselves up for a unique experience in a unique city.

Traditionally sends out their reporters to cover NECTA Photography exhibition, before they left to the party it was stated they had to be in a "Cinderella Mode" and get back to our headquarters with a good report with pictures. The party was certainly fantastic, our reporters were seen leaving Drei Kronen premises at the first rays of a new rising sun turned up in Changchun, fair enough, they produced a good set of images and the report.

Special thanks go to the attendants, Drei Kronen for facilitating the venue, Dj Marco for the Music, changchunlive for covering the event, comfortzonechangchun for the promotion, and a very very special mention to Dorothea Leonardi and Fabian Gaede form the Partner Support Program for all the collaboration during 2014.


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