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Changchun (formerly Xinjing) was the capital city of Japanese Manchuria (Manchukuo). It was to be a showcase of Japanese imperialism. Soviet pillaging, civil war sieges, and fifty years of communism reduced Changchun to a nondescript second tier Chinese city. Looking at this Japanese propaganda does make you wonder what would have happened if they had more time to develop the largest "Potemkin Village" in the world.

Some great old Japanese propaganda of Changchun as it was being constructed in the 1930s. Some of the buildings are recognisable. The cool jazz track is a nice touch.

Wow...gotta hand it to Japanese propagandists...Changchun looks delightful! Lovely modern housing, recreation facilities and leisurely Japanese. Some of the housing looks very similar to the Canberra suburbs. We also see Jingyuetan in its early days.


 More recreation. It looks like boat rowing in Children's Park, Jingyuetan in its early days, a charming old airport, highways, horse racing and even a golf course!

You can see some of the landmark buildings being constructed here.

The above video shows most of the Dongbei cities, with Changchun starting at 6:50.

Below are two videos from a Japanese documentary. Sadly, no subtitles, but it has great footage.


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